Painter of Small Towns, Big Dreams

Contemporary Artist/Photography

The world has always fascinated me. The beauty of a morning sunrise, the clean fresh grass after a summer rain, the simplicity of a shadow, the way light kisses the roof tops, or the colors inside a raindrop, just look around you , the beauty is overwhelming.
All my life I felt compelled to copy the world’s beauty on paper, or whatever materials I had available at the time. I saw art in almost everything, a log was an alligator, a stone a perfect little turtle, with only a few strokes of paint I could achieve that.
A few years ago my husband gave me a camera for Christmas. I discovered I could capture images instantly with the camera. I realized with just a little manipulation I could create art, and fell in love with photography.
Since then I’ve learned quite a lot about digital art, but still have so much more to learn. With the use of the camera, oils, filters, and sometimes the combinations of all to achieve the image I’m going for.
I love my home state of Kentucky, the old and magnificent architecture with its character, patinas, colors and textures, it takes my breath away. Last year I created my home town (Winchester, Kentucky) cityscape, with several snapshots, put together in a pleasing composition and romancing it a bit, I was happy with the outcome. I removed all the wires, merchant signs, cars, people, (I call this romancing the city) never removing a flag or cross, leaving only the architecture.
This was so much fun and such a hit that other people began asking me to do their city. The chairperson of the Festival of the Horse in Georgetown asked me to do Georgetown for the World Equestrian Games, (what an Honor).
At this time I have completed thirty cityscapes of Kentucky’s Small Towns. My long term goal is to do all 120 counties of Kentucky. Currently I’m working on Paris. I believe I can complete 24 per year, that is if gas prices stay where they are now, (lots of traveling involved).
Like Napoleon Hills said (Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.
I believe I can!

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